General Invoice Terms and Conditions

Last updated:  24. 02. 2021

Article 1 Without prejudice to the application of any special terms and conditions included in a separate written agreement, these general terms
and conditions apply to any offer, order form or agreement between RECUPLAST, with registered office at Rue du Textile 10, 7780 Comines
(Belgium), registered with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises under number 0876.779.832 (“RECUPLAST”) and its customer. Each order made
orally or in writing to RECUPLAST, as well as any acceptance of an order form by RECUPLAST, implies that the Customer agrees to these general
terms and conditions, and for its part waives its own general terms and conditions.

Article 2 Our offers are without obligation and remain valid for one month, unless stated otherwise. The delivery times communicated by
RECUPLAST are purely indicative, since these can be influenced by diverse factors that are beyond the control of RECUPLAST.
An agreement is established between RECUPLAST and its customer by notification of acceptance of the customer’s written or unwritten order by
RECUPLAST. Any additional work or adjustments shall always take place at the labour and other costs applicable at the time of implementation.
RECUPLAST expressly reserves the right to increase its prices if one or more cost price factors (including but not limited to the prices of raw
materials and labour costs) undergo an increase, even if this occurs as a result of foreseeable circumstances.

Article 3 If the goods are delivered by RECUPLAST on pallets or in packaging that is part of an exchange system that is generally accepted or
mutually agreed, RECUPLAST reserves the right in the case of non-exchange of these pallets/packaging by the customer to charge these to the
customer at the prevailing market prices.

Article 4 Unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing, invoices from RECUPLAST are payable no later than 30 days after the invoice date.
Any complaints must be reported to us within 5 days after the invoice date, failing which the invoice is definitively due.
In the case of non-payment of an invoice by the due date, all other not yet overdue claims against the customer shall become payable by
operation of law (“ipso iure”) and without prior notice. Furthermore, in this case RECUPLAST reserves the right to suspend execution of all current
orders, without prior notice of default and without owing damage compensation.
In the event of full or partial non-payment of an invoice by the due date, the customer owes by operation of law (“ ipso iure”) and without prior
notice of default interest on the unpaid invoice amount at the legal interest applicable in the case of payment arrears in commercial transactions. In
addition, in the event of late payment of the invoice, fixed compensation is owed by operation of law (“ipso iure”) and without prior notice of default
of 20% of the unpaid invoice amount, with a minimum of EUR 125.

Article 5 All taxes, duties and/or levies, of whatever kind, that relate to the services or goods, or the transport thereof, including new taxes, duties
and levies that would be introduced after the acceptance of the order, are fully for the expense of the customer.

Article 6 If the customer wishes to exercise its right to rescind, it must notify RECUPLAST by registered letter within a reasonable period after the
customer became aware of the circumstance that gave rise to the rescission. In all other cases, the customer who nevertheless cancels an order
placed or breaches an agreement concluded will be obliged to pay full compensation to RECUPLAST. Orders placed and accepted that are
specifically tailored to the customer may never be unilaterally cancelled by the customer, except in the case of serious error, intentional error,
deceit or fraud on the part of RECUPLAST.

Article 7 RECUPLAST is only bound by an obligation of means. It carries out its tasks and orders on the basis of the instructions provided by the
customer. In this, RECUPLAST assumes that this information provided by the Customer is correct and complete. RECUPLAST can in no way be held
liable for any incorrectness and incompleteness of this information. RECUPLAST cannot be held liable for delays as a result of late acceptance of
previous works by third parties or by the customer.

Article 8 The transport risk of the goods rests with the customer at all times. Upon receipt of the goods, the customer will examine the goods and
verify whether the quality and quantity of the delivered goods correspond to what was agreed. Any visible defects must be stated on the delivery
note or communicated by registered letter to RECUPLAST within 5 working days. This notification must contain a detailed description of the defect.
RECUPLAST may never be held liable for colour differences, defects and/or deformations of plastics, which are inherent to the nature of the product
and are not the result of poor or incorrect maintenance.
The use of the delivered goods by the customer implies their irrevocable acceptance. Under no circumstances will adapted or processed goods be
taken back or replaced.

Article 9 RECUPLAST has the right to suspend its obligations to the customer in whole or in part, without prior notice of default, if for any reason the
customer does not fulfil its obligations to RECUPLAST.

Article 10 Ownership of the sold good will only be transferred to the customer after full payment by the customer of all that the customer owes
RECUPLAST, including the agreed price, costs, interest and possible damage compensation. Nevertheless, from the moment of shipment, the
customer bears the risk of loss or destruction of the sold good.
Until the moment of actual transfer of ownership, the purchaser is therefore prohibited from processing the goods or disposing of them in any other
way until the invoice has been paid in full.

Article 11 All agreements of RECUPLAST are governed by and construed in accordance with Belgian law. All disputes of any kind fall exclusively
under the jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district in which the registered office of RECUPLAST is located.